Partique makes Word-Of-Mouth real. We deliver large-scale events that are orchestrated online and take place in thousands of homes, between real friends, with real brands, about things people really love and want to share

Only Partique offers you the most effective form of WOM with single-brand focus and full customization. We begin by building every event element to integrate seamlessly with your brand image and online presence. Concept development and production includes:
  • Programming & Content Creation for:
    • National Event Site (public pages)
2-4 weeks
Programming is well underway when event activities begin. Partique oversees, curates, moderates, amplifies and measures every step of the following process:
  1. Sampling and event package items are produced and assembly begins.
  2. Host application pages launch with event description, host criteria, questionnaire and host
6-8 weeks
Throughout the engagement, all online and off line efforts have been aggregated. Now that your event has taken place, its time to learn. With our sights on increasing sales, awareness, loyalty and marketing ROI, we develop optimization tactics and an on-going community strategy from
  • Discovery and Data Mining
  • Data and Activity Analysis
  • Insight Review
  • Gaps and New Opportunities
  • Evaluation & Summary Report
2 weeks


We combine behavioral economics with social media and technology to craft unforgettable brand experiences between communities and the brands that support them. Click below to learn more about our events:

To generate trial and gather feedback on the four varieties of Cascal Natural Soda, a new soda by Coca-Cola.
With notes similar to those found in wine, the “Magic of the Season” Tasting helped foodies cook, taste and share new ways to pair food with each Cascal blend.


Social technologies are dramatically changing the way consumers and brands communicate and collaborate. Unlike any other company, our team crafts the most effective form of all marketing to optimize your assets, build loyalty, increase sales and guarantee extraordinary ROI.


As CEO, Jill oversees the lifecycle of all client engagements: from strategic planning to content integration, measurement, evaluation and on-going community relationships. Tapping into 20+ years of marketing experience, Partique solidifies her commitment to delivering the highest ROI for forward-thinking merging growth companies.


Oleg is Partique’s globally connected Technology Director and serves as the technical lead on all projects. Developing scalable interface programs for over 18 years, Oleg is fluent in more than 25 computer languages and has been instrumental in developing technical capabilities for the U.S. Military, General Electric, Kraft and the U.N.


As the voice of Partique, Martin is our digital-savvy communications manager and is in charge of all user interactions, content creation and PR. As an experienced creative director on global brands such as VISA, Chase, Colgate and SAP, Martin crafts all communications with warmth, creativity and a technical understanding of SEO and social media.